Nightcrawler (2014) – Viewed 07/11/2014


Director: Dan Gilroy  

Featuring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed, Bill Paxton

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Age Rating: 15

Running Time: 117 Minutes

Jake Gyllenhaal features in Dan Gilroy’s first ever directed, twisted and realistic thriller which gives an in depth insight into the world of news reporting and the “night crawlers” who are responsible for bringing us some of the darkest and most disturbing scenes we see on our news channels today!

Gyllenhaal’s character Louis Bloom is a dedicated, hardworking American citizen, who is determined to be the best at whatever job he gets his hands on. One night, following more employer rejection he discovers the world of ‘night crawling’ – tracking down and getting exclusive video footage of some of the most distressing crime scenes in the city of Los Angeles, to then sell onto the highest paying news companies.

Lou Bloom’s surprisingly innocent character, who simply wants to be the best and work the hardest, becomes darker and more twisted as the film progresses, eventually manipulating breaking news situations with the help of his fairly reluctant and nervous assistant Rick (Riz Ahmed).

Jake’s acting is superb and some of the scenes Gilroy creates are unbelievable to witness. This makes for a very enjoyable, edge-of-your-seat experience, with an anti-hero protagonist, who strangely you cannot get enough of!

Recommendation: Definitely worth a purchase, and if you’re a fan of Steelbooks it has some cracking Steelbook artwork!

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2 thoughts on “Nightcrawler (2014) – Viewed 07/11/2014

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