Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) – Viewed 01/01/2015


Director: Ridley Scott  

Featuring: Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley, Sigourey Weaver, Aaron Paul

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Age Rating: 12A

Running Time: 150 Minutes 

Ridley Scott returns to blockbuster heights with the legendary tale of Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses, and a visual masterpiece which should be seen in 3D (Not something I get to say very often these days).

Although a film which is slated by many critics and viewers worldwide, most likely for plot inaccuracy or ‘racist casting’, which has led to the film being banned in the likes of Egypt and UAE, personally this was a great watch.

Once again Christian Bale can do no wrong. His acting is superb, and his portrayal of Moses, a General shunned by his Egyptian family and power-hungry Pharaoh Rameses (Joel Edgerton) in particular is breath-taking, presenting us with a true leader among men. It was also great to see an appearance from Aaron Paul, playing Joshua, one of Moses’ most loyal followers.

Treat it as a myth, treat it as a legend, simply even treat it just as a blockbuster film, the visual representation of these two characters and the plague in particular is incredible.

My main criticism is that this film did tend to drag on a little bit, which when watching Ridley’s classics like Gladiator, Alien or even American Gangster for that, is not something I am used to saying. However one thing is for sure, it’s ten times the quality of Prometheus (2012).

Recommendation: Mind-blowing visual effects and the first film in a while I can say has to be seen in 3D for the full effect! Pay the money for this one at the cinema as the experience is worth it!

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