LUCY (2014) – Viewed 22/02/2015


Director: Luc Besson

Featuring: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller

Age Rating: 15

Running Time: 89 Minutes

LUCY brings us an over-exaggerated and over-complicated version of Neil Burger’s LIMITLESS (2011). An exciting and mind-boggling trailer released back in 2014 certainly possessed the best qualities of this film; a medically enhanced Scarlett Johansson (Lucy) shooting bad guys, and Morgan Freeman as a wise cerebral theorist who assists the protagonist.

However, the reality is that the actual plot is far from this! After this synthetic drug ‘CPH4’ (which is to give users the ability to unlock more than the 10% of brain capacity which we as humans currently use) is punted into Lucy’s nervous system, although she becomes everything you see in the advert, apart from what you’ve already seen, there is not much left to see! Morgan Freeman’s character, Professor Norman, appears wasted, as other than his research on the brain capacity myth, he has minimal interaction or influence in Lucy’s story and more than anything watches her, along with the majority of viewers thinking “What the?!” towards the end of the film.

It is hard not to draw parallels with LIMITLESS (2011) when watching this film. LIMITLESS looks at an ordinary, failing journalist testing out a new and medically enhancing drug on the street and eventually becoming addicted to it, using for self-gain and dealing with the consequences of his actions. LUCY, on the other hand, addresses the situation of drug trafficking gone wrong, where the host of the drug suddenly realises everything she needs to do with her new-found abilities for the better of mankind and scientific research.

This makes LUCY very farfetched in comparison and unfortunately left the viewers in this circumstance very disappointed!

Recommendation: Watch out of curiosity more than anything. Avoid buying this film and if anything wait for it on Sky Movies HD!





2 thoughts on “LUCY (2014) – Viewed 22/02/2015

  1. I quite liked it, but that might be that I like Scarlett Johansson. I did feel that the film lacked something and the ending was pants.


    • Yeah I went into it excited thinking Scarlett was going to be as good as she is in Avengers films and Morgan Freeman being class as always, but it just seemed to have a weak and over-complicated back-plot, with Freeman’s character being wasted really! Thanks for the comment Craig!


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