The Interview (2014) – Viewed 18/05/2015

The Interview_main

Director: Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen

Starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park, Diana Bang, Timothy Simons

Genre: Action, Comedy

Age Rating: 15

Running Time:  112 minutes

It was last year’s most controversially talked about film, involving two slapstick comedians travelling across to North Korea to help the CIA assassinate notorious dictator Kim Jong-Un. The news of the film led to death threats from North Korea and resulted in Sony Pictures cancelling or pushing back the release of the film until 2015 in most countries.

Presenter Dave Skylark (James Franco) and producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) of the celebrity tabloid show “Skylark Tonight”, become tired of producing news on pop culture, and instead look to cover some hard hitting news. Coincidentally, at a time of potential world war with the Americans, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un (Randall Park) happens to be one of Skylark’s biggest fans and asks him to travel over to interview him in his own country, in order to appeal to the American public and make them realise why they are the enemy and that he is simply misunderstood. Like the childish little boy and idiot of the year he is, Skylark decides to accept a trip with the global tyrant. The CIA sees this as a way to secretly wipe Kim Jong-Un off the map and asks Rogen and Franco’s characters to do so. Aaron, with his mind set on serving his country well, and Dave, with his mind on ultimate publicity, clash throughout, especially as Dave falls under Kim Jong-Un’s spell of being the most down to earth and fun mass murderer one could imagine. After an afternoon of playing basketball, listening to Katy Perry, drinking margaritas, partying with girls, smoking joints and even driving and firing tanks for fun, Dave is hooked and no longer wants to kill Kim Jong-Un. The story brings with it comical twists and turns along the way and ultimately results in Dave presenting the interview of a life time to a global audience.

As always, a Seth Rogen film is full of slapstick comedy, repetitive sexual innuendos and as many racist remarks as they can get away with. If you go into this film expecting anything else you will be very disappointed. However, the level of stupidity that Franco brings to the screen makes Rogen look fairly level-headed for a change. This film has the madness of THIS IS THE END (2013) with only a little bit of the comedy gold that we see in BAD NEIGHBOURS (2014). Credit has to be given to Randall Park who bravely (but perhaps stupidly) took on the role of the Korean dictator, and brought perhaps the most comedy into this feature.

Overall, THE INTERVIEW is everything you’re hearing about it at the moment; outrageous, silly and extremely controversial. I originally thought it was going to be an absolute shambles of a film, but it did surprise me slightly in how much I enjoyed certain parts of it. However, it appears to be a tad overrated on iMdb for my liking.

“Do you know what’s more destructive than a nuclear bomb? Words!” – a very sentimental Kim Jong-Un.

Recommendation: Don’t waste your pounds people! This is one of those “when nothing else is on” watches/when it reaches Netflix/Amazon Instant Video.

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