Two Night Stand (2014) – Viewed 09/06/2015

Two Night Stand_Main

Director: Max Nichols

Starring: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szohr, Scott Mescudi

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Age Rating: 15

Running Time:  86 minutes

The first decent rom com I have watched in a while comes in the form of a two person show with minimal supporting cast involvement.

Analeigh Tipton (CRAZY STUPID LOVE) stars as recently heart-broken and ambition-less Megan who lives with her friend and her boyfriend, who are constantly nudging her to get out into the world, meet new people and even have ‘one night stands’. The film begins with her setting up an online dating profile, showcasing what will be a rom com for the digital age!

Miles Teller (WHIPLASH, THAT AWKWARD MOMENT), once again, brings a hilariously sarcastic character to the screen with Alec, an assistant bank manager who Megan meets online.

Within minutes of talking she is suggesting they meet and hang out together, which leads to her travelling over to blizzard-struck Manhattan at midnight for a ‘booty call’.

The following morning Megan is embarrassed by her out-of-character actions and attempts to sneak out, setting off the house alarm and starting an hour of non-stop comedy and sentiment. Following a morning after argument, Megan tries to leave the building but realises the blizzard has snowed her in and has to make the most out of it with Alec. The film then centres around the day and a half they spend together in this one apartment, opening up to one another, arguing, getting up to mischief, smoking marijuana and getting closer by the hour.

I was surprised by how Analeigh Tipton was in a lead role, having only seen her as a supporting cast member in CRAZY STUPID LOVE (2011) previously, but once again Miles Teller proved why he is gradually becoming one of my favourite actors out there.

Max Nichols’ debut feature film TWO NIGHT STAND is a great, feel-good comedy with two very promising lead actors. It brings up many of the same feelings which FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (2011) and NO STRINGS ATTACHED (2011) have done in the past and would have been a great Valentines watch this year.

Two Night Stand_Still

Recommendation: We found this at a bargain of £0.99 to Rent on Amazon Instant Video in HD for 48 Hours! If you’re a lover of Rom Coms however, it is definitely worth adding to your collection!

RTWriteUps_Two Night Stand IMDb_Two Night Stand


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