Little Pieces (2014) Interview: Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore


This week I had the opportunity to send a list of questions to three stars of the first feature film from Apple Park Films; Little Pieces, directed by Adam Nelson. Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore, Matt Jones and Graham Cawte gave up some of their time to answer my questions on their parts in this 80 minute feature. Find the plot description below which I have lifted from my very own review:

The debut micro-budget (Produced for £6000) feature film from Adam Nelson, entitled LITTLE PIECES, focuses on two young men, Michael (Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore) and Eric (Matt Jones), battling with the dramas and complications around them, which will inevitably change their lives forever.”

In this interview we talk with Finnian who plays Michael, one of the troubled young protagonists of this feature who clearly has a twisted past behind him.

Please find Finnian’s responses below. Enjoy!

RT Writeups: How did you first come across the film LITTLE PIECES?

Finnian: I first came across the film Little Pieces, whilst searching the site Casting Call Pro, for auditions. As soon as I started reading the synopsis given and the description of Michael’s character I was hooked and immediately applied for the role. After that, it was a matter of waiting and hoping, training ones patience….not my strongest attribute.

RT Writeups: This is noted down as your first feature film according to iMdb. Is the filming experience everything you imagined when you first wanted to get into acting?

Finnian: Yes this was indeed my first feature film and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’ve wanted to act since I was a child, so I have had a lot of time for my view of acting to change and adapt with each new project and experience. To be honest, I never know what to expect with a project, which is part of what I enjoy, each time is normally very different. As a result of this, I have learned to come to new projects with an open mind and I normally wait till after having met the directors, crew and cast and got a feel for the project, setting, lay of the land, before I start to build on my character. In many ways the filming experience is everything I imagined, there are also however a great many other things involved in the process, which I am forever learning about. Its always one mad learning curve, but that’s what’s so great, it’s ever evolving.

RT Writeups: Personally, I came away from this film seeing you as one of the most experienced actors of the film, so when I found out it was your first feature I was quite surprised. Is there any particular genre in film that attracts you the most? Any you would really like to explore?

Finnian: Firstly let me say thank you very much for your kind words, it is always good and comforting to know that someone enjoyed your performance and is especially great, as this was indeed my first ever full length feature film, so to hear it went down so well with you is very pleasing. It also builds on the desire to be involved in many more projects. I have a desire to do films of every genre and over the past 5 years have done a range of short films, all of which have been different genres. People have told me that I would be good in comedy as supposedly I have a very expressive face and I have in fact recently finished filming my first short comedy, which is currently being edited for film festivals. It’s a British stoner comedy, so has found its own niche in the market, as there are not many films of that genre in England and was great fun to film, due to its silly nature. So yeah, I have a desire to do as many genres as possible, I enjoy the challenge each one presents and the excitement of doing something different.

RT Writeups: What was it like to work with Adam Nelson? Have you worked with him before?

Finnian: No, I had never worked with Adam before I joined him on Little Pieces; in fact the first time we did meet was when I came to audition for the role of Michael. I also thought that would be the last time, as I thought I had messed up my audition, but Adam luckily didn’t feel the same…..or he didn’t notice. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I don’t think I could have asked for a better person to direct for my first feature film. Adam also teaches, so has great experience when it comes to seeing the best qualities in people and also pointing out areas they need to adapt or change. These skills come with his unending patience, which never seemed to strain, which always helped you feel relaxed. He would talk to you about the ideas of the film, characters and during filming he would give you a lay out of how he saw each scene playing out and being filmed. Then he would leave you to develop the character as you saw fit. He would always be there to answer questions you may have and is always happy to give you rope to explore areas of the characters on film, even if they hadn’t been marked down. The freedom he gives the actors is of great credit to him, not just in trusting them to deliver for him but also that his writing and work with the actors is so good that often the actors would come to the same conclusion as Adam was trying to make, through their own process and journey. I only hope that he’s willing to work with me again on another project as I learned so much this time…. maybe even something a little more light hearted, possibly comical.

RT Writeups: Individually, what did you find to be the most challenging aspect of your role?

Finnian: There were a few challenging aspects of the character, such as his struggles to grow as a person while dealing with his ever present past struggles, the ever growing weight of responsibility he feels towards his family or his fight against his natural reaction to shun company and live alone. Many of the issues that Michael had, are problems that I have dealt with in someway during my time, so they are experiences that I was able to draw on, to aid me in understanding Michael’s struggle better, as well as how he would react to the scenarios. The thing I found hardest to deal with was the way that the film would hang to me after I left the set. It’s a dark film in many ways, dealing with honest, real life problems. These are issues that cause many families problems and these problems affect the way people think and therefore deal with things in their life. I found that I would often get pretty low when I was home alone after filming, whether that was due to me thinking about the film and character or because I had spent the day filming a disturbing scene. Sometimes this would drag over into my personal life and during that period of time, I was definitely a bit of a recluse and kept myself to myself, except for the few times friends would come over to snap me out of my funk. Always essential to have that support around, as I’m sure everyone else will tell you.

RT Writeups: What is next for Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore?

Finnian: Well there are a few things I have to sort out now. Top things are looking for the next project and trying to find an agent to support me in my hunt for roles and auditions. I’m hoping to find a film and character that is on the other end of the scale from Michael, maybe even the bad guy as I feel I could do a really good evil smile and have a desire to test it out. I am also currently writing a couple of scripts, one for TV and the other a film (both of which I hope to get Adam to at least read and give some pointers….who knows he might even want to direct), both of which I hope to develop into working projects. Other then that I’ve just started a clothing brand with my business partner Dom Bunbury called Draw Clothing, so when that’s not taking up the remainder of my time, I hope to enjoy some of the hot weather we are having, maybe even a festival.

A Big Thank You to Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to Real-time Write-ups. We wish him all the best for his bright future and hope to see more of him in the coming years.

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