Little Pieces (2014) Interview: Matt Jones


This week I had the opportunity to send a list of questions to three stars of the first feature film from Apple Park Films; Little Pieces, directed by Adam Nelson. Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore, Matt Jones and Graham Cawte gave up some of their time to answer my questions on their parts in this 80 minute feature. Find the plot description below which I have lifted from my very own review:

The debut micro-budget (Produced for £6000) feature film from Adam Nelson, entitled LITTLE PIECES, focuses on two young men, Michael (Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore) and Eric (Matt Jones), battling with the dramas and complications around them, which will inevitably change their lives forever.”

In this interview we talk with Matt who plays Eric, the troubled youngster with an alcoholic father who craves the love and affection his family once had.

Please find Matt’s responses below. Enjoy!

RT Writeups: How did you first come across the film LITTLE PIECES?

Matt: I came across Little Pieces on a casting website called Casting Call Pro, this was right back when I was starting out, I saw that the film was shooting in Guildford which is like 10 minutes from my house so I thought I’d apply

RT Writeups: Having been involved in some great pieces of film and TV over the past year (such as Wolf of Wall Street, Kingsman: The Secret Service & Mr. Selfridge), what was it like get the role as the lead in LITTLE PIECES?

Matt: Wolf was absolutely crazy, and I mean insane, as it was my first time on a studio movie film set it was a real baptism by fire. Little Pieces was the antithesis of that, in a good way. It didn’t hit me at first, Adam called me when I was walking out of class at sixth form and I was just like ‘Oh Cool, awesome, let’s do it’. The experience of shooting the movie is one I shall hold dear to me for the rest of my career, It was tough and overwhelming at times, and at moments I felt out of my depth but it taught me so much, and for that I’m forever grateful to Adam for taking the chance on me.

RT Writeups: As a Surrey boy yourself, what was it like filming in a location so close to home?

Matt: It was a blessing and a curse. The beauty of being on location (in a trailer/hotel) is that you can isolate yourself from others; I was a very young and inexperienced actor at the time so I was really taking my work home with me. I was horrid to be around at that time and I absolutely salute my family for putting up with me over those few weeks.

RT Writeups: What was it like to work with Adam Nelson? Have you worked with him before?

Matt: Adam is instinctively a very good director. He doesn’t sit there in a chair with a megaphone and is constantly there to lean on, which is great. He puts great emphasis on the performances and just lets you work, which is such a delight. I’ve worked with all kinds of directors, and more often than not a first time director will suffocate you with direction, he possesses the quality that all great filmmakers have; trust.

RT Writeups: Individually, what did you find to be the most challenging aspect of your role?

Matt: The internalisation of Eric’s ongoing agony. Like I said, I was very young and inexperienced and when you’re those things you sometimes feel like you have to do something, the hardest part was trusting instincts and the camera to see what I was doing, and trust me, the camera sees all.

RT Writeups: What is next for Matthew Jones?

Matt: The dreaded question haha. Auditions mainly, getting more opportunities through from the US now which is always exciting, especially the TV roles you get to read for out there. I’ve been developing my debut feature screenplay with the BFI and Screen Arts Institute which is also very exciting and cutting my teeth pitching up at some production companies in London (With mixed success ha). All about keeping busy I guess.

A Big Thank You to Matt Jones for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to Real-time Write-ups. We wish him all the best in his promising career and hope to see more of him in the coming years.

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