LiveLove (2015) IndieGoGo Trailer Review


Rob Levy and the team at Civil Films got in contact with us about reviewing the trailer for their upcoming, crowd-funded feature film LIVELOVE, but let’s just say it is not just because of Rob’s kindness that I am writing a piece on this feature film, it is because I genuinely want to see this film released. A crowd-funded trailer truly is the ultimate ‘teaser’, never mind how excited the likes of Marvel and DC ‘teasers’ get you, as you know that to see this film you have to wait and watch the feature build its support, so this is what I am trying to assist with.

Caught in the bliss of a new relationship, Chris and Lily form a bond that is pushed to the edge due to their extremely different lifestyles.

Nowadays, meeting someone anywhere besides on a website or app is a rare occurrence. With our lives constantly streaming on various social media forms you can discover more about a person then perhaps you would like to know. Should this effect the way we look at each other? Lily doesn’t think so.

The film circles around the time Lily and Chris people spend with each other and the bond they grow by having (as Lily says) “more than ‘Hey, what’s up conversations.”

To me, this film looks like a fresh outlook on modern day romance. One which is being addressed by several Hollywood production companies lately, but perhaps not as realistically as we can see from this 100 second trailer. The original cast looks great and both characters look very believable in their roles. I personally hope that this film can find the funding in the remaining 27 days it has left on IndieGoGo, and I hope that some of you feel the same way.


Please Check Out Their Page, Select A Perk, And Contribute To This Brilliant Indie Film!–2#/story





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