Wander (2015) Short Film Review – Viewed 11/09/2015


Director: Connor O’Hara

Cast: Alex Lincoln, Amanda Fairbank-Hynes, Stephen Karl

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Horror

Age Rating: 12

Running Time: 15 minutes

Brought to us by Director Connor O’Hara and a brilliant up and coming production company LowKey Films, WANDER tells us the story of Noah (Alex Lincoln), a lone and grieving man living in a dystopian landscape where he has not witnessed the presence of a human being for the past six months.

The film takes us on his simply daily journey, surviving in brutal conditions and doing whatever he can to survive, guided by his love Jessica’s (Amanda Fairbank-Hynes) voice in his head, whose death he holds closely to his heart and feels guilty for. His grievance is obvious from the beginning, but as he catches a glimpse of life in his lonely world, that regret becomes all the more powerful and twisted and we are brought to a climatic and disturbing ending which leaves the viewer wondering himself.

For a short film which is 90% narrated apart from some dramatic screams from Alex Lincoln and some brilliant original music from Harry Wilson, it really hits hard and catapults you into this dystopian world within seconds.  

Cinematographer, Thomas Bowles, has to be applauded as from start to finish this film is a picture of beauty, capturing the hills of Dartmoor in the United Kingdom spectacularly, really taking us on this journey with him yet still keeping a level of distance to ensure that we do not fully understand the mentality of the lead character.

Alex Lincoln is brilliant as Noah, and his voice took me by surprise when I first read the synopsis of this film. It was dark and at times quite frightening to listen to and brilliantly reflected the world he has grown into. Amanda Fairbank-Hynes had an integral part in the film, even if she did not necessarily appear on screen that often, and credit has to be given for the development of their chemistry throughout.

Overall, WANDER was a dark, mysterious and yet at the same time beautiful film to watch! It engaged me from the off, had me startled at points and enabled me to really empathise with the lead yet still have my reservations about his sincerity throughout.


Recommendation: A fifteen minutes of film-making which any budding film producer or short-film fan would cherish, and a great eye-opener for short film novices.


A huge thanks to LowKey Films for providing us with the opportunity to write about this film and I wish the film all the best in 2016!

Please check out their pages and get ready for a 2016 Release!

Official Website: www.lowkeyfilms.co.uk

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/lowkeyfilmsuk

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/Jtle/24456428/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lowkeyfilms

Hashtag: #WanderFilm


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