The Eve (2015) – Viewed 29/10/2015


Director: Ritchie Steven Filippi

Featuring: Evan Bass, Maria DiDomenico, Al Thompson, Miranda Noelle Wilson, Rick Estabrook, Margaux Kelly, Jody Mullins

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Age Rating: [Unrated]

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Even though I’m not the greatest fan of horrors, it is only right that I dedicate this Halloween week to horrors and thrillers out there I wouldn’t usually take a look at. THE EVE is an independent and realistic thriller from an up and coming LA based director, Ritchie Steven Filippi who has worked on the likes of IRON MAN and DIE HARD 4.0.

Set around New Year’s Eve, three friends take a trip to the remote island of Martha’s Vineyard, determined to reconnect and put their pasts behind them. Scott (Al Thompson) and Jen (María DiDomenico) have a complicated romantic past and Harrison (Evan Bass) has business fallouts to settle with Scott. Harrison brings his very nervous and peculiar new girlfriend Lacey (Miranda Noelle Wilson) along to try and ease the tension and turn it into a less awkward, double-date situation, but little do they know that murder lurks around the corner and somebody on the island among them is a psychopathic killer.

THE EVE does not wait around to bring jumpy scenes to its audience like many thrillers do, but instead incorporates as many tense moments as possible from the off. To do this it uses a brilliant mix of eerie music and a very unique version of Auld Lang Syne by Siobhan Magnus. This along with some great and realistic cinematography make for a very well put together thriller.

However, the acting within this feature is unfortunately something which belittles the impressively produced film. Although María DiDomenico and Al Thompson are actually very refreshing and enjoyable to watch on screen, with a good and believable chemistry, Evan Bass and Miranda Noelle Wilson are quite tedious to watch throughout. Their dialogue appears very wooden and overly scripted, and their characters are extremely irritating to watch, however this is likely to be intentional.

Although I was constantly intrigued by the film and who was going to be revealed as the killer (although I did twig it pretty early on), there was never a point where I was scared by what I was witnessing. However, this is not necessarily a criticism. It means that this is a film a group of people can watch together and have a bit of fun with. The endless amounts of jumpy scenes mean that there will always be some funny moments between viewers, and the concept of the film is something that will definitely have people debating the sanity of their friends afterwards.

Overall, THE EVE was a pleasant surprise in the horror/thriller genre. Although it is not necessarily a life-changing horror, or one that will play on the mind for months on end, it is a relatable plot which can definitely engage its audience. I am very impressed with what Ritchie and his production team have managed to put together here, I am just unfortunately very let down by the acting of two of the four stars.

The Eve_Bottom

Recommendation: A funny and light-hearted watch for the friends and partners of horror lovers! One which will not scar you for life, but give you a few jumps along the way!

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Distributed by Evan Bass Entertainment & Produced by Transcendental Pictures

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