Everlasting (2015) [Online Screening] – Viewed 10/11/2015


Director: Anthony Stabley

Featuring: Adam David, Valentina de Angelis, Elisabeth Röhm, Michael Massee, Bai Ling, Cortney Palm, Robert LaSardo, Molly Tarlov, Pat Healy, Georgina Cates, David Dayan Fisher, Guinevere Turner, Shayla Beesley, Yareli Arizmendi, Natalie Denise Sperl

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Age Rating: [Unrated]

Running Time: 87 Minutes

The debut full-length feature film from Anthony Stabley entitled EVERLASTING focuses on a high-school filmmaker exploring the unsolved murder case of his dead girlfriend, and let’s just say that it is a captivating, frightening and emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.

Matt (Adam David) is a broken teenager who is determined to uncover the lies and mystery around the death of his girlfriend Jessie (Valentina de Angelis). As he travels back down to Los Angeles (from Colorado), where he lost Jessie to the fame and the excitement of a modelling career,  he not only has trouble tracking down her killer, but also in holding on to his own sanity which has been scarred by the levels of injustice around him.

Everlasting_Adam David Everlasting_Main2

Stabley instantly grabs the audience attention with the way he has shot the film. By using both a found footage and fictional film approach, the story very quickly introduces you to the characters involved. The found footage aspect, which I am not usually a fan of to be honest, was superbly used as it really allowed you to delve into the lead characters’ personalities and relate to them, rather than just simply seeing them as parts of the story.

This mysterious crime thriller will leave you heart-broken, but it also sheds a great deal of light on a morbid situation. It allows us to focus on the beauty of the dead which we hold so closely to our hearts, even though the constant retched pain of grief is always just around the corner. David’s and de Angelis’ acting are credit to this, as we are able to watch the whole film as if through the mind of Matt, remembering touching and heart-warming moments, whilst the haunting and brutal memories are ingrained at the back of his conscience. Their chemistry is also every bit explicit as it is cute, and this is shown by sexual scenes throughout which although extremely raunchy and suggestive, are always shot tastefully; another credit to Stabley here.

In addition to these two great performances, the film also has a decent supporting cast with some household names such as Guinevere Turner who wrote AMERICAN PSYCHO and Elisabeth Röhm who plays Jessie’s alcoholic mother who also helps highlight one of the most common forms of darkness that exists in many teenagers’ worlds today.

Overall, EVERLASTING is a brilliantly shot and produced feature film with a deep, twisted and very realistic story which will hit home, unfortunately with many communities. The film only very rarely lacks substance and acting performances, but it is tough to find a major criticism for it. I loved the blend of found footage and fictional film, and I was constantly engrossed by the characters’ brutal and captivating lives. EVERLASTING showcases the light and darkness within peoples’ lives and does so beautifully!

Everlasting_Crystal Palace Festival

Huge thanks to Director Anthony Stabley for providing us with the opportunity to write about this film and I wish it all the best at its World Premiere tomorrow (11th November 2015) at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival here in London!

Recommendation: An emotional, haunting and sexy tale which is well worth a purchase or rental!

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